Are you looking for the best beef jerky in Colorado but aren’t sure where to buy it from? Perhaps you are craving some gourmet jerky or are looking for some Colorado jerky gifts? Maybe you are new to the area and don’t know where the best beef jerky in Colorado is? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you!

Colorado beef jerky is some of the best in the country. With small businesses, independent companies, and family-run businesses, there is no place like Colorado to get your beef jerky from! There are many different flavors available, with plenty of companies working to do better than large-scale manufacturers and bring you tasty and healthy beef jerky without any of the nasty additives or chemicals.

Colorado is the perfect place for it thanks to the vast amount of pastures available! Many of these businesses are raising their own cows and turkeys, ensuring the very best for them so that the jerky tastes even better! There is a level of care and dedication that goes into the Colorado jerky that you don’t see anywhere else! But how do you decide where to go? And which is the best? Before you know it you can become overwhelmed, and you are left with a headache and no jerky!

We have done the hard work for you and have a list of the best beef jerky in Colorado. Keep reading to see some of the best Colorado beef jerky brands and businesses in Colorado and find your new beef jerky supplier today!

Colorado Beef Jerky

Best Beef Jerky in Colorado

Climax Jerky

First up we have Climax Jerky, a family-owned company specializing in all-natural, gourmet, and fresh jerky! The woman-owned business has been around since 1999 and uses whole cuts of meat that are low in sugar and sodium to keep their products keto and diabetic-friendly! You can enjoy preservative-free jerky without needing to leave Colorado!

Their featured products offer classic smoked beef jerky and some more unique takes like their bourbon beef and smoked elk jerky, which are some of their highest-rated products! They also stock honey-glazed beef jerky, alligator style jerky, and plenty of hats, t-shirts, and gift cards for the jerky lovers out there!

Along with an online presence, they have a store open seven days a week in Colorado so you can pay a visit and experience some new and delicious beef jerky!

Mountain America Jerky

Next, we have Mountain America Jerky, which offers 100% handmade and nitrate-free beef jerky in a fantastic range of flavors! Their jerky comes with no additives or fillers and is made daily in their Colorado smokehouse.

Making jerky since 1997, they pride themselves on having less salt than commercial manufacturers, using whole muscle and solid strips of beef to give you a meaty, chewy, and moist jerky! It’s thicker than others out there and trust us, tastes better for it!

You can purchase their Gourmet Hickory Beef Jerky on its own, or take advantage of the fantastic multi-packs and boxed gifts. These are wonderful gifts for the jerky lovers in your life or as a treat for yourself! You can also try their exotic bags, samplers, or pick up some burnt ends at a lower price.

All of their jerkies can be found on their website, with a flat shipping charge no matter where in the country you are!

Perky Jerky

If you are looking for an unbelievable variety of flavors, then Perky Jerky is the store you need to check out. Choose from sweet and snappy, teriyaki, hot, Jamaica, and their original flavors, and enjoy beef, turkey, or pork jerky!

Their meat always comes from grass-fed animals and is super tender. It’s hard to pick just one flavor. If you can’t decide, take advantage of their bundle offers to get new and exciting flavors at a fraction of the cost.

Perky Jerky marinade their gourmet jerky using natural ingredients to create their delicious and enjoyable jerky.

You can purchase them online or find them in Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, Publix, and Kroger so you will never be far from their delicious jerky! Run by father Brian Levin, he puts passion and fun at the heart of his business to offer flavorful and tasty jerky with only natural ingredients!

Colorado Beef Jerky

Duke’s Smoked Meats

Duke’s Smoked Meats pride themselves on smoking meat with the freshest of ingredients to deliver tasty, gourmet jerky that you are sure to love. The brand is obsessed with smoked meats and you can see that from the effort they go to deliver outstanding jerky. Since his teen years, Duke has been smoking meats, obsessed with finding unique smokes and perfect marinades for all occasions.

And now his family recipe is at the heart of the business. Using fresher cuts of beef, real, whole ingredients, and creative smoke pairings to deliver small batches of freshly crafted jerky.

Their range of flavors is sure to knock you off your feet! From peach to teriyaki and green chile their sausages and beef brisket strips are packed full of amazing flavor. The hardest part will be deciding which flavor you are going to try today!

Black Forest Bison

Black Forest Bison works with 100% grass-fed bison to create its unbelievable jerky! Free from hormones, steroids, and antibiotics their jerky is made fresh in-store and is an outstanding option. Their jerky is free from gluten, MSG, nitrates, chemicals, and preservatives to ensure all you are eating is wonderfully flavored meat.

They offer a range of Bison jerky, sausage, and even dog treats that are sure to keep your whole family fed and happy! As all their jerky is prepared fresh and either kept fresh or frozen, it’s best to call their store directly to check stock levels before making your journey!

You don’t want to go and be disappointed, do you? Their store in Palmer Lakes is open Monday to Friday until 3 PM so be sure to call in and sample some wonderful Bison jerky!

Colorado Jerky Gifts

Ray’s Jerky

Ray’s Jerky is not only available in Colorado, with stores in Montrose and Ouray, but on Amazon, Clarks, and Sportsman Warehouse, so you never need to miss out on fantastic jerky!

Using premium cuts of Turkey, Elk, Buffalo, and American beef, Ray’s Jerky uses unbelievable flavors to create their mouth-watering jerky! They also have an MSG-free range for those that want a more natural product too.

Alongside jerky, they sell American Caramels, soda, popcorn, and a fantastic range of local honey, jams, and salsas. Their jerky comes in a range of gourmet flavors and they also offer gift boxes for those that can’t choose one flavor. And with such good deals on the site, you are sure to find a bargain too!

Jamie’s Jerky

Finally, we have Jamie’s Jerky, a father-daughter operation that specializes in their family recipe. Using grass-fed beef, turkey, and all-natural ingredients, they work with sustainable practices and the best ingredients to give you this wonderful and addictive jerky! You only need to look at their reviews to see how popular it is!

Offering just their original flavor of beef jerky, this one’s for the purists who don’t want to mess around with different flavors! All the jerk uses grass-fed beef and comes as a one-bag or 4 bag option you can get delivered monthly.

There is also a non-spicy GF version, and all-natural Turkey too to choose from. This stuff can sell out quickly so we recommend being quick and checking back regularly to get the jerky you love!

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