The Bloody Mary: a classic cocktail that has graced brunch tables and cocktail menus for decades. Known for its bold flavors and versatility, this drink is a favorite among many, including us. Its secret? The mix. And when it comes to exceptional options, Colorado’s Bloody Mary concoctions stand out.

Colorado, with its pristine landscapes and fresh mountain air, has a rich history of producing some of the finest ingredients. From farm-fresh tomatoes to aromatic herbs, local producers craft mixes that burst with flavor.

Wondering about the best Colorado Bloody Mary mix? We’ve sampled them all. Creating the perfect blend involves more than just flavor; it’s also about the overall experience. And we can’t forget about its ability to alleviate the symptoms of a hangover. A quality mix can evoke the captivating Colorado landscapes, making it essential for both locals and those wanting a taste of the land. Let’s dive into Colorado’s finest Bloody Mary mixes.

Best Colorado Bloody Mary Mix

1. The Real Dill Bloody Mary Mix

Originating from the heart of Denver, The Real Dill stands true to its name in flavor and quality. Initially known for handcrafted pickles, this company ventured into the world of mixes in 2013 and quickly made a mark. Now featured in over 20 restaurants, it’s widespread acclaim speaks to its excellence.

Why It’s on Our List:

The foundation of The Real Dill’s Bloody Mary Mix is its pickling heritage. Inspired by their Habanero Horseradish Dills, this mix carries a distinct flavor profile that’s both bold and invigorating. We recommend that you save some money and build your own 12-pack.

Facts You Should Know:

Beyond their quality products, The Real Dill is dedicated to sustainability. As a zero-waste company, they redirect about 775 lbs. of vegetable waste weekly to their partners—totaling nearly 40,000 lbs. annually.

2. Elevation Bloody Mary Mix

Hailing from Colorado’s lofty terrains, Elevation Gourmet presents a Bloody Mary mix that lives up to its lofty name. Second in our best Colorado Bloody Mary Mix list, Elevation was initially celebrated for their organic ketchup, but their entry into the Bloody Mary arena has been remarkable. Crafted with a meticulous blend of organic tomatoes, spices, and other natural ingredients, every sip delivers a robust and natural taste.

Why It’s on Our List:

Elevation’s commitment to organic and natural ingredients appeals to health-conscious consumers. Known for its rich and vibrant flavor, their Bloody Mary mix is touted as one of Colorado’s freshest. We were naive and intended to purchase just a six-pack, but ended up acquiring a larger case.

Facts You Should Know:

More than producing standout products, Elevation Gourmet values community. Located in Denver and sharing their space with other local food brands, they are embedded in a network that uplifts local produce and culinary ingenuity. Impressive, right?

  • Official Website: Elevation Gourmet.
  • Primary Inspiration: Based on their own Ketchup.
  • Shopping Tip: Consider buying a six six-pack for easy transportation.
  • Recent Awards or Mentions: Rocky Mountain Bloody Mary
  • Customer Reviews: “This Elevation Stuff, it was excellent: fresh and tomatoey, lightly sweet but still acidic – it tasted real.” Amanda M. Faison, 5280 Magazine.
  • Social Media: Facebook

3. Mary’s Mornin’ FiXXer

Boasting numerous awards since 2016, Mary’s Mornin’ FiXXer stands as a top rated Bloody Mary Mix. Initially cherished for their homemade pickled green beans, Bolder Beans transitioned the warmth of family tradition into a commercially crafted mix without compromising authenticity or flavor.

The Mary Mornin’ FiXXer offers a unique taste experience, blending vine-ripened tomatoes, spices, and a zest reminiscent of upscale bars. Its mix of peppers, celery seed, and fresh lime juice epitomizes freshness.

Why It’s on Our List:

Health-conscious consumers will rejoice with the Mary Mornin’ Fixxer. With no added sugar, no artificial colors or preservatives, and being gluten-free, it’s as natural as it can get.

Facts You Should Know:

Originating as a cocktail garnish in NYC, Bolder Beans transformed from a popular snack to a Bloody Mary sensation. Remarkably, these beans, straight from the jar and under 100 calories, evolved from a humble green bean farm. Quite the journey, wouldn’t you say?

popular bloody mary mix

4. Freshie’s Bloody Mary Mix Original

From the heart of Telluride, Colorado, Freshie’s unveils the Original Recipe for a Bloody Mary mix unparalleled in flavor and authenticity. Originally crafted as the house mix for Swede-Finn Hall, its roots trace back to Ian Gustin and Colin Wells, a head chef and bar manager duo. They envisioned a beverage that would stand out, a drink that would become the talk of the town, and they succeeded.

Using fresh horseradish, garlic, onions, dill, and lemon juice, every sip is a celebration of authenticity. Beyond just a tomato mix, it delivers a blend evoking a spicy V-8, but with its own distinctive touch.

Why It’s on Our List:

Freshie’s commitment to genuine ingredients sets it apart. Prioritizing fresh vegetables and herbs over concentrates or dried substitutes, it’s free of artificial components. Moreover, for those who crave heat, the “Hot Mary” variant with fresh habanero peppers has been recognized as the Best Bloody Mary Mix at the Fiery Foods Show multiple times. For extreme spice enthusiasts, the “Ghost Mary” featuring Ghost and Habanero Peppers is a must-try. Be wary, it may be the best spicy Bloody Mary mix!

Facts You Should Know:

Despite its emphasis on freshness, Freshie’s ingredients aren’t certified organic, a choice made to ensure an outstanding taste without inflating costs.

5. Treeline Redcloud Roasted Garlic

Lastly, and closing our best Colorado Bloody Mary Mix list, we have a taste-adventure inspired by the Colorado Rockies. Treeline Bloody Mary Mix introduces the Redcloud Roasted Garlic – a tribute to Redcloud Peak, renowned for its iron-stained slopes that glow with a vivid red hue.

Crafted in Denver, Colorado, Treeline prioritizes genuine ingredients, ensuring what you sip is pure and devoid of additives, preservatives, and even xanthan gum. This vegan and gluten-free mix is a boon for the health-conscious. Remember: the natural ingredients may separate, so shake well before serving!

Why It’s on Our List:

Our hunt for a top-quality, natural Bloody Mary mix led us straight to Treeline. Their offering of unique flavors like pineapple habanero and mango jalapeno captured our attention. Their formula? Superior ingredients, pristine U.S. water, and a commitment to excellence.

Facts You Should Know:

“Tree Line” denotes the elevation above which trees no longer grow, often around 11,000-12,000 feet. Colorado proudly showcases many such distinct tree lines. And the mix names? They pay tribute to Colorado’s famous 14ers – peaks that rise between 14,000 to 14,999 feet.

bloody mary mix made in colorado

The Worlds Best Bloody Mary

Selecting an exceptional store-bought Bloody Mary mix can truly enhance your brunch or cocktail experience. Colorado-based brands, reflecting the state’s rich heritage from the towering Rockies to dynamic Denver, have excelled in this regard. These aren’t just drinks but journeys, embodying Colorado’s dedication to quality, sustainability, and community. For locals and visitors alike, each mix is an invitation to savor the best of Colorado. Here’s to a flavorful adventure! Cheers!