Why not step into a world where art, history, and innovation collide—where you can travel through time, immerse yourself in diverse cultures, and set your imagination on fire? Colorado, with its awe-inspiring landscapes and lively communities, hosts various museums to captivate every interest. Whether you’re passionate about art, enamored with history, or fascinated by science, the Centennial State boasts some of the most extraordinary museums in the nation.

From the stunning galleries of the Denver Art Museum to the historical treasures of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, Colorado’s museums provide unique insights into the state’s rich cultural tapestry. Each museum tells a story, offering visitors a chance to connect with the past, present, and future in educational and entertaining ways.

In this guide, we will explore some of the best Colorado museums, highlighting their unique features and what makes them must-visit destinations. Get ready to uncover the wonders that await you!


Denver Art Museum

Located in downtown Denver, the Denver Art Museum (DAM) is celebrated for its remarkable architecture and extensive collections. It is considered one of the top museums in Colorado, drawing art enthusiasts from all over the globe.


100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver, CO 80204.

Why is the Denver Art Museum Important?

The Denver Art Museum has a vast collection that spans centuries and continents. Its iconic Frederic C. Hamilton Building, designed by architect Daniel Libeskind, is a masterpiece in itself, reflecting the museum’s commitment to innovation and artistic expression. The museum’s diverse collections include everything from ancient artifacts to contemporary masterpieces, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Key Exhibits and Collections

  • Indigenous Arts of North America: The DAM houses one of the most comprehensive collections of Indigenous art in the country, featuring works that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Native American tribes.
  • Asian Art: Explore a vast array of artifacts and artworks from across Asia, including intricate ceramics, textiles, and sculptures.
  • European and American Art: Discover classic pieces from renowned artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Georgia O’Keeffe.
  • Contemporary Art: The museum’s contemporary collection showcases cutting-edge works from artists around the globe, offering fresh perspectives and thought-provoking pieces.

Best Tips for Visiting

  • Family-Friendly Activities: The DAM offers a variety of interactive and hands-on activities for children, making it a great destination for families.
  • Special Exhibitions: Keep an eye on the museum’s calendar for rotating special exhibitions that provide unique and immersive experiences.
  • Guided Tours: Enhance your visit with a guided tour, where knowledgeable docents offer deeper insights into the museum’s collections and history.
  • Museum Shop and Dining: Don’t forget to stop by the museum shop for unique souvenirs and enjoy a meal at the on-site restaurant, which features a menu inspired by the current exhibits.

The Denver Art Museum is a must-see destination for art enthusiasts and those curious about exploring new cultural experiences. Its extensive collections and dynamic exhibitions offer an enriching and inspiring visit, allowing anyone to immerse themselves in Colorado’s vibrant art scene. We recommend visiting it during autumn to take advantage of its many seasonal exhibits.

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA Denver) is a haven for modern art enthusiasts. It offers a dynamic and ever-changing array of contemporary artworks. This is truly one of the best museums in Colorado, providing a platform for innovative and thought-provoking art from both local and international artists.


1485 Delgany St, Denver, CO 80202.

Why is the MCA Important?

Founded in 1996, MCA Denver is committed to exhibiting the work of contemporary artists and promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of modern art. The museum’s modern, industrial design by architect David Adjaye complements its goal to showcase innovative art in an equally inspiring setting. MCA Denver encourages visitors to interact with art in fresh and meaningful ways, establishing itself as an essential cultural institution in the city center.

Notable Artists and Exhibitions

  • Rotating Exhibitions: MCA Denver is known for its ever-changing exhibitions, which feature works from emerging and established artists. These exhibitions span a wide range of mediums, from painting and sculpture to digital art and performance.
  • Local Focus: The museum strongly emphasizes supporting local artists and providing a platform for Denver’s vibrant creative community.
  • International Art: MCA Denver also exhibits works by international artists, offering a global perspective on contemporary art and fostering cross-cultural dialogues.

Unique Visitor Experiences

  • Mixed Taste: This popular summer series pairs unrelated topics in a tag-team lecture format, combining art, science, and culture in unexpected ways.
  • Friday Night Music: Enjoy live music on the rooftop café, which offers stunning views of downtown Denver and the Rocky Mountains.
  • Workshops and Programs: MCA Denver offers a variety of educational programs, including artist talks, workshops, and family-friendly activities designed to engage visitors of all ages.
  • Shop and Café: The museum shop features a curated selection of art books, unique gifts, and locally made products. The rooftop café provides a relaxing spot to reflect on your visit while enjoying a drink or snack.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA Denver) serves as a vital institution for contemporary culture and artistic expression. It offers a diverse range of opportunities to engage with modern art, participate in innovative programs, and partake in a distinct cultural experience. A visit to the MCA Denver offers an enlightening and inspiring experience, allowing anyone to explore and appreciate the latest developments in contemporary art and culture.

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum (CSPM) offers a captivating journey through the rich history of Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region. This museum is one of the best Colorado museums, preserving and celebrating the stories and artifacts that define the area’s heritage. It is a top spot for young adults and many pioneer enthusiasts alike.


The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum is located at: 215 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Why is Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum Important?

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum is located in the beautifully restored 1903 El Paso County Courthouse. The museum’s mission is to preserve and interpret the cultural history of the Pikes Peak region, aiming to build a lasting connection to the past. With diverse collections, engaging exhibits, and educational programs, it serves as a cornerstone of the community.

Must-See Exhibits

  • Regional History: The museum’s permanent exhibits delve into Colorado Springs’s history, covering topics such as the city’s founding, its growth as a health resort, and its development into a bustling modern city.
  • Helen Hunt Jackson Collection: This exhibit showcases the life and work of the renowned author and activist, featuring her personal belongings and manuscripts.
  • Native American Artifacts: Explore a rich collection of artifacts from the indigenous peoples of the Pikes Peak region, offering insights into their cultures and histories.
  • Mining and Industry: Learn about the mining boom that played a crucial role in the area’s development, with exhibits featuring tools, photographs, and stories from the era.

Family-Friendly Activities

  • Hands-On History: The museum offers interactive exhibits and hands-on activities designed to engage children and families, making history accessible and fun.
  • School Programs: CSPM provides various educational programs for students, including guided tours, workshops, and curriculum-based activities that align with state educational standards.
  • Community Events: Throughout the year, the museum hosts events such as lectures, reenactments, and festivals that bring history to life and foster community engagement.
  • Research and Archives: For those interested in delving deeper into the region’s history, the museum’s archives and research facilities offer a wealth of primary sources and historical documents.

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum provides a rich and immersive experience for history enthusiasts, students, and curious visitors. Visitors can gain a deeper appreciation for Colorado Springs’s heritage and cultural diversity by exploring the stories and artifacts that have shaped the region. Plan your visit to CSPM and discover the fascinating history of this vibrant community’s heart.


Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum

The Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum is an absolute must-see for anyone passionate about aviation and space. It stands as a proud member of the best Colorado museums list, promising an exhilarating journey through the history of flight, space exploration, and groundbreaking technological advancements.


The Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum is located at: 7711 E Academy Blvd, Denver, CO 80230

Why is the Wings Over the Rockies Museum Important?

The Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum is situated in a historic hangar at the former Lowry Air Force Base, and it is committed to preserving and presenting the history of aviation and space exploration. The museum’s mission is to educate and inspire visitors through its vast collection of aircraft, space vehicles, and interactive exhibits, serving as a testament to human ingenuity and the spirit of exploration.

Aviation and Space Exhibits

  • Aircraft Collection: The museum features an impressive array of aircraft, from World War II bombers and Cold War jets to civilian planes and helicopters. Notable aircraft include a B-52 Stratofortress, a B-1A Lancer, and an F-14 Tomcat.
  • Space Exploration: Discover artifacts and exhibits related to space missions, including replicas of space capsules, astronaut gear, and informative displays about NASA’s endeavors and the future of space travel.
  • Interactive Exhibits: The museum offers several hands-on exhibits where visitors can learn about the principles of flight, try out flight simulators, and experience the thrill of piloting an aircraft.

Visitor Opportunities

  • Educational Programs: Wings Over the Rockies provides a variety of educational programs, including STEM-based workshops, summer camps, and school field trips, all designed to ignite a passion for aviation and space in young minds.
  • Special Events: Throughout the year, the museum hosts special events such as air shows, guest speaker series, and family-friendly activities that offer unique opportunities to engage with the world of aviation and space exploration.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Enthusiasts can get involved with the museum by volunteering, helping to preserve aircraft, assist with events, or educate visitors.
  • Gift Shop and Café: The museum’s gift shop offers aviation-themed merchandise, books, and souvenirs, while the on-site café provides a comfortable spot to relax and reflect on your visit.

The Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum offers something for everyone, whether you’re fascinated by the history of flight, curious about the future of space exploration, or simply looking for an engaging and educational experience. Its extensive collections and interactive exhibits make it a premier destination for anyone interested in the marvels of aviation and space.

History Colorado Center

The History Colorado Center offers a captivating exploration of Colorado’s rich and varied history. Renowned as one of the top museums in the state, it delivers an interactive and compelling experience that vividly portrays the state’s fascinating past.


1200 N Broadway, Denver, CO 80203.

Why is the History Colorado Center Important?

The History Colorado Center, opened in 2012, is a modern museum that educates and inspires visitors about Colorado’s diverse history. The museum’s exhibits are carefully curated to comprehensively explore the events, people, and cultures that have influenced Colorado. Through its innovative use of technology and interactive displays, the History Colorado Center provides an engaging way to delve into the state’s past.

Notable Sections

  • Destination Colorado: This exhibit recreates the town of Keota, a small farming community, allowing visitors to experience life on the Colorado plains in the early 20th century.
  • Living West: Explore how the people of Colorado, from the Ancestral Puebloans to modern-day residents, have adapted to the state’s challenging environment over time. This exhibit highlights the interplay between the environment and human activity.
  • Colorado Stories: Discover the diverse stories of Colorado’s people through immersive exhibits covering topics ranging from the mining boom to contemporary cultural movements.
  • Denver A to Z: This exhibit takes visitors on a fun and informative journey through Denver’s history, using each letter of the alphabet to highlight a unique aspect of the city.

Educational Programs

  • Hands-On Learning: The museum offers a range of interactive activities and programs for children, making it an ideal destination for family visits. Kids can participate in scavenger hunts, craft activities, and interactive exhibits designed to make learning fun.
  • School Programs: History Colorado Center provides curriculum-based programs and field trips that offer students a hands-on approach to history and social studies.
  • Community Events: The museum hosts various community events, including lectures, workshops, and cultural celebrations that connect visitors with Colorado’s diverse heritage.
  • Research and Archives: The museum’s Stephen H. Hart Research Center offers access to an extensive collection of historical documents, photographs, and artifacts for those interested in conducting in-depth research.

The History Colorado Center serves as more than just a museum; it’s a dynamic cultural institution that encourages visitors to engage with and delve into the rich history of the Centennial State. Whether you’re a long-time resident or a first-time visitor, the museum provides an engaging and interactive opportunity to explore the narratives that have influenced Colorado. Plan your visit to the History Colorado Center for a chance to unearth the diverse layers of Colorado’s captivating past.


Final Tips

Exploring the best Colorado museums is about engaging with stories that have shaped the region for hundreds of years. These museums provide a journey through time and imagination, allowing you to trace the steps of pioneers, marvel at contemporary art, and delve into the fascinating world of aviation and space.

Recap of the Best Tips

  • Check Museum Hours and Special Exhibitions: Before visiting, look up the museum’s operating hours and any special exhibitions or events that might be taking place.
  • Take Advantage of Guided Tours: Many museums offer guided tours that provide deeper insights into the exhibits and the history behind them.
  • Plan for Family-Friendly Activities: If visiting with children, explore museums that offer interactive and hands-on activities designed for young visitors.
  • Explore Museum Shops and Cafés: Don’t miss out on unique souvenirs and enjoy a relaxing break at on-site cafés, which often feature menus inspired by the exhibits.
  • Engage with Educational Programs: Take part in workshops, lectures, and other educational programs to enrich your museum experience.
  • Enjoy Scenic Surroundings: Some museums, like the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, are located in beautiful settings that are perfect for hiking and picnicking.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant history and culture of Colorado by planning visits to its diverse museums. Each museum is a gateway to new discoveries, offering must-see destinations for those eager to learn more about this remarkable state. Embark on an adventure and let Colorado’s museums inspire and educate you!