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Best Games For Couples Game Night

We scoured the web in search of the best games for couples game night available to mankind and compiled that list here for you so you can focus instead on having fun! Within our list of the best 5 group games we focused on ones that are more family-friendly instead of acclaimed adult games such as “Cards Against Humanity”. Therefore each game in our list has a required minimum of ages 14+.  Since the focus of this compilation is on best games for couples game night we also put an emphasis on assembling a list of very interactive games that will transform any old room into a party zone full of laughter and memories. While “Code Names” was our top choice due to its amazing reviews and pricing you cannot go wrong with any of the games listed above. We have tested each of them and scoured reviews to make sure we truly have the best five group games for couples night that your money can buy. They all contain their own unique twist that we are sure you will enjoy for many days to come. Click on a product image above our the check price button to buy them directly from Amazon.


Codenames is THE perfect game if you are looking for a group game that will fit everyone ages 14 and up! This is one of the many reasons this great game received 4.8 stars out of over 1,800 reviews and growing! Additionally, “Code Name” comes in at a very low price compared to most other games of its likeness. This group game allows for as little or as many people as you want ranging from 2-8+ players. Average game play only lasts about 15 minutes so you can start a game and play as many as you want without the commitment of several hours of Monopoly. Code Name is essentially a social word game that offers both simple and challenging game play all rolled into one. Teams compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first while teammates try to guess words of their color and avoid those that belong to the opposing team. Spymasters give one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the board. Be careful as an assassin is on the loose that EVERYONE will want to avoid.

5 Second Rule

As the name would suggest 5 Second rule is a fun fast paced game that is an absolute blast for ages 10 and up! It contains a unique twisted timer that makes an exciting “zoooop” as the marble races down to 0. This timer allows you 5 seconds to name 3 things that fit a certain topic picked from one of 288 cards with 576 questions. Ridiculous answers come spitting out followed by roars of laughter in this non-stop entertaining group game. If you’re looking for a great priced, easy to play, fast paced game then “5 Second Rule” is a  great group game for families to play together

The Game of Things

Game of THINGS… is a group game that will leave your sides and cheeks aching from laughter. This game is a free for all and the creativity of this game is up to your own goofy imagination. In this game you start by drawing a card and reading one of the hilarious topics aloud asking others to respond with ANY answer that comes to mind. They then write down their answers and its the card drawer’s turn to guess who said what. The only downside is this game is a little bit more expensive then some of the other group games but it is made with very high quality materials such as a wooden box, pencils, score pads, 300 topic cards and more.

Reverse Charades

Sometimes it’s great to play a game that is a family tradition or one that simply everyone knows and for many Charades is just that game. However, this isn’t just normal Charades; this is Charades with a twist! This family friendly game takes Charades and puts it on its head flipping it in REVERSE!  Instead of one person acting out a clue for a team to guess, a team acts out clues for one person to guess. This puts the game in a new and hilarious way that leaves you wondering why wasn’t it always this way?! The great part of this game is that it allows everyone regardless of age to participate. It’s the perfect group game for parties and serves as a riotous icebreaker bringing everyone closer together. You can start and stop this game without any hassle as the setup/clean-up is very easy and the instructions are very intuitive. Reverse Charades is listed as an “Amazon Choice” for many obvious reasons. 

Catan 5th Edition

The other games in our list are card based games that focus primarily around verbal and/or physical interaction. With that in mind, we thought it was necessary to add at least one board game to our inclusive list and what better one then the winner of such awards like “Game of the Century”, “Game of the Year,” and “Hall of Fame,” being toted as the “Perfect Social Game”.  It’s likely that you’ve heard of Catan as this new game has quickly engraved itself as a modern classic in the board game community with over 1,500 reviews on Amazon for the 5th addition alone. While the other games on our list are a bit more open ended, Catan requires 3-4 players and lasts for an approximate 60 minutes of playing time. Be careful though this game is highly addictive and one game usually won’t ever be enough! Replay of this game is unique and different every time – no two games are ever the same. In this game your voyagers seek to settle a remote island named Catan. As you explore this isle you start revealing it’s many harbors and regions with pastures fields, mountains and so much more! You guide your settlers to victory by trading and developing your settlement using a combination of resources to construct cities and roads. This game is one of the more higher priced games but due to the pieces involved and the highly acclaimed success it is well worth the price tag!