In a few words, Colorado is awesome. It’s got everything you want for a crazy vacation in 2024. You can hike through the Rocky Mountains or chill out in Denver, a city that’s always buzzing. If you’re into arts and culture or just want to see some beautiful scenery, Colorado is the place to be. Trust us, you won’t be bored.

As we delve into the “Best places to visit in Colorado in 2024”, we’ll uncover both popular attractions and hidden gems that make Colorado a unique and must-visit destination. Each location is carefully selected not only for its beauty and history but also for its ability to offer an immersive and unforgettable Colorado experience. Let’s begin!


Best Outdoor Adventures

In 2024, Colorado continues to be an unrivaled destination for those who thirst for outdoor adventures. With new attractions joining time-honored favorites, the state offers a rich blend of activities that cater to thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.

  • Rocky Mountain National Park remains a cornerstone for explorers, boasting over 300 miles of trails that meander through its vast and varied terrain. From challenging ascents like Longs Peak to scenic, family-friendly paths around Bear Lake, the park provides a natural playground for all levels of outdoor lovers.
  • Adding to Colorado’s adventure portfolio, SAGE Outdoor Adventures offers an exceptional range of experiences, from white-water rafting on pristine rivers to backcountry snowmobiling tours. Their guided trips are designed to showcase the natural beauty of Colorado’s landscapes while providing adrenaline-pumping excitement.
  • Colorado Adventure Center also stands out as a top destination for adventure in 2024. Located strategically for easy access to Colorado’s wilderness, it offers zip-lining, white-water rafting, and high ropes courses. It’s perfect for those looking to add a bit of high-octane fun to their visit, with activities that combine safety with heart-racing thrills.
  • In the northwestern part of the state, Rangely offers a unique outdoor experience with its tranquil desertscapes and flat-top mountains. Ideal for hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing, Rangely provides an off-the-beaten-path adventure in a less trafficked part of Colorado.
  • Telluride is a favorite for winter sports and summer trails. The area around Bridal Veil Falls and the San Miguel River is particularly popular, offering everything from hiking to fishing in settings that are as beautiful as they are accessible.

These destinations offer the best of Colorado’s outdoor adventures in 2024, making them a must-visit for travelers seeking the thrill of nature and adventure.

Best Cultural Hotspots

In 2024, Colorado continues to offer a rich cultural scene with a variety of arts, music, and heritage experiences available in both urban and artistic enclaves.

  • Denver, the state’s capital, remains at the forefront of Colorado’s cultural offerings. The Denver Art Museum and the Clyfford Still Museum provide an in-depth look at both classical and contemporary art, while the Denver Performing Arts Complex hosts a variety of live performances ranging from ballet to Broadway shows. For those interested in music, Denver’s vibrant music scene is showcased in venues like Red Rocks Amphitheatre, which not only offers unforgettable concerts but also stunning views of the natural surroundings.
  • Boulder offers a more laid-back cultural vibe, with its pedestrian-friendly Pearl Street Mall featuring street performers, local artisans, and an array of shops and galleries. The Boulder Theater, a historic venue, regularly hosts concerts, film festivals, and speakers that highlight both local and international talent.
  • New to the scene, Aurora has emerged as a cultural hub, particularly celebrated for its Global Village Festival which showcases the city’s diverse community through food, music, and art. The Aurora Cultural Arts District also hosts various arts events and exhibitions that attract visitors from all over.
  • Colorado Springs is making its mark with the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum, one of the most technologically advanced sports museums in the world, which opened its doors to rave reviews. Additionally, the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College continues to be a leader in promoting visual and performing arts in the region.

These cultural hotspots not only showcase Colorado’s artistic and musical talent but also provide insight into the state’s diverse and developing cultural scene. They are among the top places to visit in Colorado in 2024 for those seeking to fully engage in rich cultural experiences.

Best Historic Towns and Sites

By 2024, Colorado’s historic towns and sites will remain a popular destination for those who wish to explore the state’s rich history and heritage. These locations serve as a portal to the past, preserving the stories and structures that have shaped Colorado over the years.

  • Leadville, nestled high in the Rocky Mountains, remains a significant historic landmark. Known as the nation’s highest incorporated city, it boasts an impressively preserved Victorian architecture. The Tabor Opera House and the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum provide fascinating insights into the mining boom that once defined this region.
  • Mesa Verde National Park offers a unique exploration into the ancient Ancestral Puebloan culture. The park is home to over 600 cliff dwellings, including the famous Cliff Palace, which are some of the most notable and best-preserved archaeological sites in North America. Visitors can take guided tours to learn about the lifestyle, architecture, and ingenuity of the ancient inhabitants.
  • Durango brings history to life with its famous Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. This historic train has been in continuous operation since 1881, chugging along through canyons and the picturesque landscapes of the San Juan National Forest. The journey not only offers breathtaking views but also a living history experience, connecting passengers with the early days of railroading and the mining era.
  • Cripple Creek is another historic gem, once a bustling gold mining camp. Today, it has transformed into a gambling and tourist town, but its rich history is still palpable. The Cripple Creek District Museum and the annual reenactments of its gold rush days offer a glimpse into the wild frontier life that once dominated this area.

If you’re fascinated by Colorado’s history and heritage, then you’ll love visiting these locations in 2024. Each of these sites preserves a unique piece of Colorado’s past and offers educational and engaging experiences that connect visitors with the lasting legacy of the Old West. These places are some of the best places to visit in Colorado if you’re interested in learning more about the state’s rich history.


Family-Friendly Destinations

In 2024, Colorado remains a family paradise, offering a plethora of activities that cater to both children and adults. These destinations provide fun, education, and relaxation, ensuring a memorable experience for all family members.

  • Colorado Springs is a top choice for families, home to the famous Garden of the Gods, a registered National Natural Landmark. The park’s impressive red rock formations and the visitor center’s interactive exhibits offer a fantastic way for families to learn about geology and natural history. Nearby, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo gives kids and adults the chance to meet hundreds of animals while enjoying a view over the city.
  • Glenwood Springs offers families a blend of relaxation and adventure. The Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, the world’s largest mineral hot springs pool, is perfect for a soothing dip that’s equally fun for kids and relaxing for parents. For a dose of thrill, the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park provides cave tours, amusement rides, and an alpine coaster that glides through stunning mountain scenery.
  • Estes Park serves as the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park and is another family-friendly hub. Here, families can engage in wildlife watching, hiking, and visiting the quaint shops and family-run restaurants in the town. The Estes Park Aerial Tramway also offers a gentle ride to the summit of Prospect Mountain, providing panoramic views of the surrounding area that are sure to captivate everyone’s attention.
  • Denver rounds out the list with its array of child-friendly museums like the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, which features a planetarium and an IMAX theater. The Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus also offers interactive exhibits designed to inspire young minds through play and learning.

Colorado is a great destination for families looking to have an unforgettable experience. There are a variety of attractions that cater to children’s curiosity and excitement, while also providing entertainment for adults. These destinations showcase Colorado’s dedication to being one of the best places to visit this year.

Hidden Gems in Colorado

When exploring in 2024, it’s worth stepping off the beaten path to discover some of the hidden gems. These lesser-known spots offer unique experiences, stunning landscapes, and a quieter atmosphere away from the more crowded tourist destinations.

  • Paonia, nestled in the North Fork Valley, is a haven for organic farming, wineries, and artistic communities. Visitors can enjoy a taste of local life by exploring small vineyards, attending live music events at quaint venues, and visiting art galleries that showcase the work of local artists. The annual Mountain Harvest Festival celebrates this rich cultural blend with great food, music, and art.
  • Creede is another gem tucked away in the San Juan Mountains. This small historic mining town now thrives on its vibrant arts scene, including a renowned repertory theatre that stages new plays throughout the summer. The surrounding landscapes offer spectacular hiking and fishing spots that are typically less crowded, providing a peaceful escape into nature.
  • Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts and families alike. Located in the valley of the Illinois River, near Walden, it provides a sanctuary for a wide range of wildlife, including elk, deer, and various bird species. The refuge’s trails and viewing platforms allow for intimate encounters with nature and educational opportunities about local ecosystems.
  • Bishop Castle, an extraordinary personal project by Jim Bishop, stands as a testament to individual creativity and persistence. Located in Rye, this hand-built stone and iron fortress welcomes visitors to explore its towers, bridges, and stunning architecture—a true masterpiece that’s both a sculpture and a building.

Exploring these hidden gems offers a unique perspective on Colorado, highlighting places that might not make every tourist’s itinerary but are certainly among the best places to visit in Colorado in 2024. Each location offers a unique slice of what makes Colorado special, from its natural beauty and wildlife to its thriving arts and cultural scenes.


Last Words

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking thrilling outdoor adventures, a culture enthusiast looking for immersive experiences, a family looking for educational outings, or someone in need of a serene escape into lesser-known spots, Colorado has got something for everyone. Each location promises a unique experience, and we’re pretty sure you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of the region and loads of unforgettable memories. So, gear up, step out of your comfort zone, and explore all that Colorado has to offer – it’s not only going to be an incredible experience, but your visit will also help local communities and preserve the state’s natural and cultural heritage. Happy travels!