With the hot sauce business continually growing, it’s no surprise that Colorado hot sauce companies are coming in full force.

Colorado’s rich soil and fertile land provide the ideal environment for growing chiles and peppers. With so many varieties of chilies and peppers available, the opportunity for blending flavors is endless.

To give you a flavor of what’s on offer, we’ve put together a guide of Colorado hot sauce companies.

Colorado Hot Sauce Brands

Colorado Hot Sauce Companies

Merfs Condiments

Merfs Condiments strives to offer hot sauce unlike anything else. They pride themselves on creating new and unique spices that move away from tired traditional hot sauces.

Their condiments are made with a variety of flavors that are designed to complement every meal whether it be something sweet or savory. They also ensure that sauces appeal to a variety of palettes by offering a range of heat from mild to super hot. Ultimately, they aim to add a little joy and heat to every meal.

They offer a wide range of condiments including;

  • Electric lime hot sauce
  • Cooyon super hot sauce
  • Hand grenade sriracha
  • Rougarou hot wing sauce


Chiporro offers a range of condiments with Latin American influence. They pride themselves on offering wholly natural products that are made without using preservatives or emulsifiers. Their sauces offer a natural, light, and fiery flavor.

Each of their hot sauces is handcrafted and made right in Colorado. They strive to provide products that bring out the subtleness of each ingredient. Their products are also vegan friendly and work well with a variety of foods. Their sauces strive to make every meal flavorful, simple, and sexy.

Chiporro’s range of hot sauces include:

  • Uchu hot sauce
  • Wicked hot sauce
  • Chipotle Mexican
  • Rocoto hot

Horsetooth Hot Sauce

Horsetooth Hot Sauce has been making hot sauce since 2008. Their sauces aim to ignite your taste buds! Horsetooth is a family-owned Fort Collins hot sauce.

They pride themselves on pushing away from traditional hot sauces by providing rich and flavorful Colorado hot sauces which are far from boring. They strive to create delectable sauces with flair and a blend of curious flavors.

Their range of hot sauces include:

  • Linger – Cranberries and scorpion pepper
  • General Mustard – Mustard seed and orange habaneros
  • Smokestack Lightning – Smoky chipotle peppers and garlic


K-Sauce takes a unique approach in the way that they make hot sauce. They pride themselves on quality and strive to produce hot sauces made from fresh ingredients and the finest peppers.

They work to combine premium spices to make rich, thick, and delicious sauces that can enhance a variety of foods. Their hot sauces are each handmade in small batches and are made from a sustainable process that doesn’t use preservatives, coloring, or artificial thickening agents.

K-Sauce’s range of hot sauces include:

  • K-1 Original Hot Sauce
  • K2 – Mean Green Hot Sauce
  • K-3 Be Afraid!! Hot Sauce
Denver Hot Sauce

Reaper Rob’s

Reaper Rob’s hot sauces use some of the hottest peppers on the planet. Their philosophy is to cover a variety of hot sauces that offer a unique flavor and a range of heat that appeals to different tastes and palettes.

Their products offer distinct flavors with their mild hot sauces offering tangy flavors with the use of cayenne peppers, jalapeno, and serrano peppers. Whilst their hotter sauces use a broadened range of spices which include red and orange habaneros, ghost peppers, and the wildly infamous Carolina Reaper.

Reaper Rob’s hot sauces include:

  • Lilith Verde Colorado Hot Sauce
  • Peach-Mango Habanero Sauce
  • Blackberry-Plum Ghost Sauce
  • Valor Buffalo Sauce

Boulder Hot Sauce Company

The Boulder Hot Sauce Company strives to revolutionize the industry of hot sauces. They provide hot sauces that are guaranteed to have you reaching for a glass of water in minutes! The Boulder Hot Sauce Company creates hot sauces that aren’t made for the faint-hearted.

Their products are designed with those who love a little heat in mind. They pride themselves on using a unique variety of chilies from all over the world. They grow over 32 varieties of chiles and peppers originating from Mexico to Zimbabwe.

The Boulder Hot Sauce Company’s hot sauces include:

  • Smokey Serrano
  • Harry’s Habanero

Burns and McCoy

Burns and McCoy are a family-owned and operated business. They offer a range of hot sauces made using premium ingredients for superior flavor. Their condiments each strive to add fun and flavor to every dish.

They pride themselves on upholding tradition and culture, embracing simplicity, and promoting conversation

Burns and McCoy’s hot sauces include:

  • Devorandum Cherry & Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce
  • Exhorresco-7 Pot Primo Hot Sauce
  • Exitum Pineapple Ginger Hot Sauce
  • Mango Habanero

Cooper’s Small Batch

Cooper’s Small Batch is a family-owned Denver hot sauce brand. They are situated in the hub of the food hotspot renowned for offering unique and vibrant food varieties that are widely visited by both locals and tourists.

Copper’s Small Batch strives to produce hot sauces that complement different food. With so many sauces being too strong and dominating a meal, they pride themselves on producing spice that compliments different food and satisfies the palette. Their collection of hot sauces is each made from wholly natural and fresh ingredients for a clean and superior flavor that enhances every meal.

Cooper’s Small Batch’s hot sauces include:

  • Tsumami Point Break
  • Jal up-in yo Tomatillo
  • Smokin’ Hot Date
  • Jerk My Chain
Colorado Hot Sauce Brands

Danny Cash

Danny Cash offers a range of delicious hot sauces that offer creative and vibrant flavors. Each sauce offers real and unique flavors that complement a variety of meals by adding extra depth to existing flavors.

They pride themselves on offering bold flavors of chiles and salsas. Their selection of hot sauces appeals to a range of pallets offering sauces that have hints of sweetness, spice, heat, and smokiness. Danny Cash is committed to supporting their local community and ensuring that their products are made from natural and fresh ingredients.

Danny Cash’s hot sauces include:

  • 7/10 Heat – Garlic Serrano, Bottle Up Anger Hot Sauce
  • 1/10 Heat – Bacon Bloody Mary Mix
  • 9/10 Heat – Southwestern Habanero Salsa

Redlaw Sauce Co.

Redlaw Sauce Co. is run by a world-class creator and chef who has created a unique blend of BBQ hot sauces. The company prides itself on producing condiments that are made from fresh and local ingredients.

They strive to create products that commit to sustainability by ensuring that all ingredients are sustainably sourced and the products are made without using any harmful ingredients or additives. Redlaw Sauce Co. not only offers a delicious range of hot sauces, but they also stand to be a center that offers support and guidance to help other natural-food startups.

Redlaw Sauce Co.’s hot sauces include:

  • Bacon Chipotle Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce
  • Serrano Apricot BBQ Sauce
  • Blueberry Ghost Pepper BBQ Sauce
  • Serrano Scorpion Hot Sauce

Colorado Hot Sauce

Whether you’re a fan of blazing heat or you enjoy a subtle hint of spice with your food, this list of Colorado hot sauce brands offers something for everyone. Cities like Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins in Colorado are leading the way in creating new spicy condiments, offering bold, new, and unique flavors combinations to spice up every dish.

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