Maybe you’re making tacos, and you need the perfect condiment. Or something to spice up your eggs in the morning. Or you want a little bit of kick in a burrito that you’re about to dig into. And don’t be ashamed if you’re going old school and you just want to sink a chip in and experience a burst of flavor when you crunch it in your mouth.

You know what you need: salsa. It can be called a sauce or a condiment. A topping or an ingredient. Something served on the side, or a deal-breaker if it wasn’t part of the meal from the start. Why so many explanations? Just think of all the ways you could describe it:

  • Spicy
  • Sweet
  • Tangy
  • Smoky
  • Smooth
  • Call the fire department, my mouth is on fire!

There’s really no wrong adjective for a delicious salsa.

Colorado Salsa Companies

This mixture of veggies, spices, and mystery ingredients stands to be one of the most popular condiments. When made correctly, salsa can really make a dish by complimenting it and bringing out the right flavors. But, too overpowering and the salsa holds the potential to ruin a meal…

The wise among us know that with too much spice, chips and salsa quickly turns into chips and chugging water.

It’s also one of those foods that is vastly different depending on how and where it’s made. A mass-market jar at a major grocery store likely won’t hold a candle to an artisanal version crafted by a master.

Colorado Local Salsa

Did you know there is plenty of salsa made in Colorado that can compete on quality with any other locale? That’s right, the Centennial State is on its way to being known for many different delicacies, such as wine, coffee, and even hot sauce – and now you can add Colorado made salsa to that list. These companies are setting the expectation of high-quality and flavorful salsas that will leave you wanting more. This post will share with you 5 of the must-try Colorado salsa companies.

Western Spirit Salsa 

The first on our list of Colorado salsa companies is Western Spirit Salsa. And when it comes to salsa, these kitchen masters know what they’re doing. Offering some of the best salsa in Colorado, Western Spirit Salsa is recognized for bringing a kick to the Rocky Mountains. Western Spirit Salsa is a unique brand that specializes in creating standout salsas that are packed full of heat and flavor. Created to tickle your taste buds, Western Spirit Salsa aims to push the boundaries by creating exceptional combinations of ingredients to make something special.

Originally created out of meeting their own dissatisfaction with what was on offer in the salsa market, Western Spirit Salsa started in a small farmhouse just outside of Kutztown, PA. Gradually the brand grew and strove to create something new for its consumers, something delicious, cost-effective, and kind to the environment. Born from their drive came 4 spicy and delicious salsa flavors designed to create a party in your mouth.

Their collection of salsa includes:

  • The Original GS Salsa
  • The Ghost Dance Salsa
  • The Haole-Pineapple Salsa
  • The Pilgrim-Cranberry Salsa

If you’re interested in trying out some real salsa, Western Spirit Salsa is sold in several stores across Colorado: Discover Western Spirit Salsa.

Imperio Salsa

Adventurous couple Griffin and Sarah birthed a brand created to not only recreate how they met over a bowl of chips and salsa, but ultimately to share a joint passion and love for authentic Mexican cuisine. Sarah’s Mexican-American background and passion for her heritage, along with Griffin’s exceptional gardening and cooking experience created an epic combination. From this, Imperio Salsa was born. Imperio Salsa strives to create unique salsa made from high-quality and authentic ingredients.

Proudly made in Denver, Imperio Salsa prides itself on only offering salsa made from only the finest ingredients locally sourced from the land. This Colorado salsa company stands out for its authenticity as it strives to mix the old and traditional recipes with new combinations and seasonally available produce.

Imperio Salsa’s collection of salsa and hot sauces includes several products that range in heat, catering to a variety of taste buds. If you’re looking to try authentic Mexican salsa made in the heart of Denver, Imperio Salsa sells its products on their online store.


Roberto’s has been gracing Colorado’s presence with their flavorful salsas since 1988. The journey began in a kitchen in Fort and the salsa was first delivered to the public in Roberto’s restaurant. It was an instant hit and grew in demand. Though Roberto’s restaurant has gone out to pasture, its soul is living on through the satisfying salsa. The former owner of the restaurant, Doug, is working hand in hand with his wife Beth to keep the original recipe alive.

Roberto’s salsas stand out for their high quality and unique flavors. Handmade and made from the finest ingredients, Roberto’s is a constant hit and a welcome addition to any meal.

Roberto’s produces a selection of salsa flavors that range in heat. The flavors on offer include common salsa favorites such as salsa verde, and unique flavors such as their peach salsa. If you’re looking to add a new salsa to your table, you can find Roberto’s salsa at their online store and at various stores. Find Roberto’s: in-store.

Colorado Local Salsa

Lil’ Hotties Street Salsa

The next on our list of Colorado salsa companies is another that started small and grew because it was made with love. Lil’ Hotties Street Salsa does exactly what they say on the pot – offering you some of the most delicious salsa in Colorado with some serious heat! The company started humbly from of old recipes passed down for generations, and then some modern modifications were added in. What started as an intimate recipe shared between family quickly spread far and wide as demand grew from friends, and before they knew it batches were getting bigger and bigger to satisfy an ever-growing fan base.

With the word of their magical salsa continuing to spread, Lil’ Hotties Street Salsa is keeping a spring in peoples’ step. A delicious addition to any meal, the company stands out for creating rich, spicy, and flavorful salsa.

Lil’ Hotties Street Salsa produces a range of salsas that range in the heat but are designed for those who enjoy an extra kick. Partnering with several local Colorado retailers, you can find Lil’ Hotties Street Salsa in stores around the state.

Colorado Black Diamond Salsa

If you love the slopes as much as you love a smothered burrito, Colorado Black Diamond Salsa is the mixture you’ve been looking for. The Colorado-based, family-owned company prides itself on producing some of Colorado’s finest salsas made from completely hand-selected and all-natural ingredients. The journey of Colorado Black Diamond Salsa was born for a desire to make a healthier salsa alternative to those in the market. They successfully achieved this as they stand to deliver some of the freshest salsa that offers complex flavor, texture, and heat.

Colorado Black Diamond Salsa stands out for its commitment to being a healthier alternative. Each product contains a considerably low amount of sodium and doesn’t contain any sugar, fat, or cholesterol, making it the ultimate guilt-free condiment.

Colorado Black Diamond Salsa’s products consist of a variety of flavors including ghost pepper and mango. Their products are sold on their online store. Their products can also be found in stores at various retailers in Colorado.

Colorado Made Salsa

Plenty of Colorado Made Salsa

It doesn’t matter if you want chips and salsa, a topping for tacos, something in which to dip your burrito, or even just a spoon in a jar when you’re having a rough day (hey, no judgment here….), there is plenty of Colorado local salsa to scratch your itch. So we recommend leaving those industrial-sized plastic jugs right where they belong – on the store shelf, right across the aisle from some tasteless chips. Spoil yourself with the good stuff, and support these local businesses to help keep expanding the Colorado foodie scene.