Colorado is filled with beautiful mountains that are spread all over the state. It’s therefore not hard to understand why it’s considered the number one destination for ski. It is also home to the most amazing ski companies in the US.

Skiing is a thrilling sport that allows adrenaline junkies to take over the slopes and make the most of the snowy months. However, in order to truly appreciate this experience, you must have the right equipment for the job.

The right gear will take your time on the slopes to the next level.

There are plenty of Colorado ski brands to choose from, and here’s a look at some of the most popular.

Colorado Ski Brands

Colorado Ski Companies

We won’t deny that other parts of the world produce some amazing gear for the slopes, but supporting Colorado ski companies helps keep the local economy booming. After all, we have the mountains in the world, so why shouldn’t we also have the best ski makers?

We tried to keep our eyes open for makers that have these traits:

  • Proven quality
  • Diverse selection
  • Locally owned and produced

Meier Skis

The first on our list of Colorado Ski Brands is Meier Skis, which is based in Denver. They make their skis using locally available materials to craft some of the best ski equipment in the US. Their strong emphasis on local materials makes them a favorite for many as they create high-quality products.

They have an online store you can use to purchase their skis, and what you will love about them is their packaging. Instead of using packing paper for shipping their skis, they make use of sublimation paper that effectively transfers ink onto the top sheet of the paper and their skis can be shipped to consumers and retailers worldwide.

Their emphasis is heavily on skiing equipment, although they have been branching out to snowboards as well.

RMU Skis

RMU is known for their love for the ladies. They not only created pink skis, but they also shrunk them. Their innovative designs have made them pretty popular, and they are the brand behind the Junia 95. This is the answer to the men’s line of skis.

They moved their center lineup to give their clients a desired float and complete control while skiing. You can check out their catalog online and choose the ideal setup that suits you.


Bishop is known for their Telemark skis and bindings that have been described as ‘badass.’ They have a team that’s dedicated to playing on the mountains and innovative designs.

All of their in-house skis are handmade with the skis soul in mind. They have a wide selection of accessories and Bishop gear on the website for you to choose from. 

The motto for Bishop is Artistry, Strength, and Precision, and their skis are able to withstand even the harshest conditions. 

Liberty Skis

Liberty skis look extremely sleek, and they ski very well. Their line of skis is easy to understand and straightforward and the company says that they roll with Colorado in their DNA.

For their current selection of Skis, they have revamped the original classic collection of freeride skis and their lineup is popular among Colorado Skiers. This is a big move for them. 

Check out their merchandise on the company website and make your order from the new line of skis.

Wagner Skis

Wagner Skis is a custom ski brand unlike any other. They are one of the Colorado ski brands that build and design 100% of the ski just for you. They tailor the width, length, sidecut, tail shape, camper, rocker, tip, graphics and flex pattern for your body. This becomes the perfect ski for you.

This may seem a little complicated, but it’s really not. All you have to do is call them, and they will assign a dedicated ski designer to you and then they’ll take it from there. The results are immediate, and one feels like their boots have been worked on by a professional boot-fitter.

Check out their online shop and book an appointment with the company to get fitted for a specifically designed ski just for you.

Folsom Skis

Folsom Skis are custom skis engineered, designed, and built for you. They focus on their experimental-based custom fit process that ensures they first get to know you and your unique attributes, which they use to handcraft the perfect skis at their private manufacturing facility in Denver.

Their ability to customize their skis comes from the fact that they have an in-house topsheet graphic designer who always promises that satisfaction is guaranteed. 

This is a favorite brand by clientele all over the world, and many professional skiers and celebrities use the Folsom products.

Iceslantic Skis

At Icestantic, they produce 100% custom-made skis in their manufacturing plant in Colorado. This company was started as a simple idea and quickly turned its focus into a hard working team that’s made of passionate friends that create excellent designs.

Their One Degree Celsius logo refers to a temperature of change. They ensure that unique, and wondrous skis give you an experience to remember.

High Society Freeride Company

The High Society Freeride Company is located in Aspen, Colorado. They are known for their rugged outdoor experience, and this speaks to their mission to provide the best outdoor sports equipment for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Their focus is on creating tough and premium gear for their clients which offers the best and highest-performance gear. The company has been around since 2003 and their testing gear on rugged rocky mountains has worked great for the last 15 years.

You can find their high range of skis on their website for purchase. 

APEX Ski Boots

APEX Ski Boots is a company based in Golden, Colorado and the company was created by Ski industry veteran, Roger Neiley, who was the former General Manager for Flow Sports and Brand Manager for Raichle Molitor USA.

Their boots easily blend to fit you with comfort and warmth. Their boot is a revolutionary open-chassis design that’s unlike any other in the market.

This independent company is dedicated to premium quality and innovative products for skiers from all over the world.

APEX is the first ever boot design company that optimizes the performance of the boot with today’s modern-shaped skis, which is an evolving technique in skiing.

Their Walkable Support Boot incorporates a custom fit liner, and heat moldable technique into a natural foot position. They then add a dual zone boa closure system to make the infinite on-the-fly adjustment that does not loosen no matter how hard you ski.


Fat-ypus was founded by the cliff-loving mountain-pro Shane McConkey, and the company has actually made a name for itself in Colorado as one of the best experimental ski design companies.

They make use of unprecedented super-fat width for their floatation, and they have been giving aggressive skiers a stiff and traditional camber option for the best possible skiing escapades.

Each one of their beautiful, big and gold skis is hand-made and has the words ‘hand-made in Colorado,’ on them.

They keep pushing boundaries and you can check them out for more on this.

Colorado ski companies

Colorado Ski and Snowboard Companies

While all of these Colorado ski and snowboard companies are established brands with a good reputation, the innovative nature of the dwellers of the Centennial state is an ongoing process. Always keep your ear to the powder for someone else creating something amazing.

More than Just Colorado Ski Clothing Brands

There’s a lot more on offer from the creative minds in the Rocky Mountains. Even going past Colorado ski clothing brands, check out these other gems: