Mark our words, whiskey from Colorado is the next big thing in the industry. The state is home to some of the best distilleries in the country and has been making whiskey for over 100 years.

With a rich history, today’s Colorado whiskey distilleries are bringing back old recipes and reviving them with modern techniques.

Colorado Whiskey Distilleries

Best Whiskey Distillery in Colorado

The quest to find the best whiskey distillery in Colorado is a long and thirsty one, and there’s really no excuse to not try for yourself. Follow this guide to get you started.


Stranahan’s was born from the fusion of fire and friendship. This Denver-based whiskey distillery began when local firefighter Jess Graber tried to save a local brewery owners’ barn. From what was initially a devastating introduction, blossomed into a strong friendship as they two realized their shared passion for the outdoors and fine whiskey. 

As the friendship continues, Stranahan’s has grown to become a leading distillery recognized for offering fine hand-crafted single malt whiskey made from 100% clean malted barley, yeast, and pure water from the Rocky Mountains. Besides a great selection of whiskey, Stranahan’s also holds a host of events from single malt whiskey tours to guided whiskey and experimental tasting.

Their varied collection of American whiskey can be found online at Stranahan’s.

Leopold Bros

Leopold Bros was founded by brothers Todd and Scott who both had a mutual passion for starting a family business. Their distillery known as Leopold Bros began the story of some of Colorado’s leading spirits. Their brand features a host of much loved and widely recognized spirits. Among which is their Whiskey Malt which features distinct richness and nutty flavor and their famous Three Chamber Rye Whiskey.

Their selection of whiskey and spirits can be found online at Leopold Bros and in-store. 

291 Colorado Whiskey

291 Colorado Whiskey is an award-winning distillery located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Located near magnificent areas of natural beauty in Colorado Springs, it’s no surprise that the products made from this distillery are infused with distinct, natural, and pure flavor. Owner and founder Michael Myers prides himself on offering Colorado with unique tasting whiskey that replicates the refined, rugged, and natural flavors of Colorado. 

Committed to historic preservation, this distillery ensures that its whiskey is made the old way from grain to barrel.

Not only do 291 Colorado Whiskey offer a wide range of whiskies, but they also provide the opportunity of hosting tasting experiences. 

Find more information on their events and their products online at 291 Colorado Whiskey

Downslope Distilling

Downslope Distilling is another award-winning distillery located in Colorado. This company specializes in creating authentic craft whiskey made from Colorado’s fine-quality corn, barley, and rye. Committed to offering flavor and depth, this is a great brand for anyone looking for a whiskey with a distinct flavor. Along with a humble selection of whiskey and a large selection of other spirits, Downslope Distilling also prides itself on offering a host of opportunities such as the ability for a whiskey tasting and a distillery school. 

More information on their tasting session, distillery school, and selection of products can be found online at Downslope Distilling

Axe and the Oak

Axe and the Oak is an award-winning company made up of a close-knit group of friends from Seibert, with a shared passion for music, the outdoors, and most of all… great whiskey. Axe and the Oak were born from their shared passion and their belief that whiskey is something that should be shared among friends, family, and community. Committed to delivering something unique for their community, Axe and the Oak ensure that their whiskey offers something a little different.

To spice things up, they offer a selection of whiskey consisting of bold flavors, including:

  • Oak
  • Vanilla bean
  • Caramel
  • …and more!

Their large selection of deliciously rich whiskey can be online at Axe and the Oak.

Honey House Distillery

Located in Durango, Honey House Distillery’s journey started from the passion of two friends. This company is recognized for infusing the natural pure flavor of honey and the rich oakiness of whiskey. This company prides itself on offering uniquely sweet flavored whiskey by demonstrating how beekeeping and distilling go hand in hand. Their whiskey offers a distinctly strong flavor and the scent of the mountain wildflowers used to make their honey that gives it an unforgettable character. Honey House Distillery produces a host of award-winning premium whiskey. This company’s hand-crafted whiskey along with information on touring and whiskey tasting can be found online at Honey House Distillery

 Copper Sky Distillery

Copper Sky Distillery is recognized for producing some of the finest selection of spirits in Colorado. Amongst their favorites is their hand-crafted whiskey. Copper Sky Distillery is located in Longmont. The distillery prides itself on offering a bold selection of whiskey made from wholly natural and high-quality wheat, barley, corn, and rye. They offer an award-winning selection of rich full-bodied whiskey. 

Along with a great selection of spirits, Copper Sky Distillery also provides a host of opportunities for tasting, touring, and a unique private barrel program. More information on their events and selection of hand-crafted whiskey can be found online at Copper Sky Distillery.

Colorado Whiskey Distillers

10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company

Located in Vail, Colorado, 10th Mountain Whiskey and Spirit stands to be a leading whiskey producer. This distillery strives to hold the legacy and tradition of excellence of the original 10th Mountain Division. The brand aims to embody the mountain lifestyle and the history of the natural world of Colorado. 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit is recognized for its fantastic range of natural and rich whiskey made from natural ingredients.

Their selection consists of:

  • American single-malt whiskey
  • Sherry cask rye whiskey
  • Bourbon

Along with their variety of products, this company also offers a great selection of experiences including tasting sessions and attending a whiskey camp. More information on their events and their great selection of spirits can be found online at 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company. 


Deerhammer was founded by couple Amy and Lenny who fell in love with the natural and outdoor lifestyle of Colorado. Their sense of adventure along with a passion for whiskey created Deerhammer. Since then the company has grown into a thriving brand that represents the bootstrap ambition of settlers. Located in the mountains of Colorado, Deerhammer prides itself on producing a selection of rich and characterful whiskey

Along with a flavourful selection of whiskey, they also hold a range of tastings and tours. More information on their events or their products can be found online at Deerhammer.

Woods High Mountain Distillery

Woods High Mountain Distillery was founded by brothers P.T. and Lee who shared a mutual passion for the outdoors and sharing whiskey with friends. This brand strives to infuse elements of the natural Colorado world to create an unforgettable product that can be shared in the community. Not only do they offer a range of nature-inspired whiskey, but they also provide the opportunity of hosting events for locals that include making craft cocktails and having a tasting experience. 

More information on their events and their wide list of spirits can be found online at Woods High Mountain Distillery.

Breckenridge Distillery

Breckenridge Distillery is classed as the world’s highest distillery. This unique distillery not only gained the title for the highest location but is also recognized for creating multiple award-winning products. Since 2008, Breckenridge Distillery has committed to delivering high-quality whiskey driven by a desire to maintain the heritage and showcase unique flavor as they stand to produce one of the top three Bourbons in the United States. 

Not only do they produce award-winning whiskey, but they also provide a selection of great Colorado whisky distillery tours and tasting experiences. Information on their experiences and their unique products can be found online at Breckenridge Distillery.

Laws Whiskey House

Laws Whiskey House prides itself on creating rich and soulful whiskey made from heirloom grain. This whiskey company is recognized for delivering flavourful whiskey. This family-owned company ensures that only the best grain is used to make their whiskey, grain that embodies the flavor and richness of Colorado land. 

Whether you’re looking to buy whiskey online or you’re looking for a unique touring and tasting experience, visit Laws Whiskey House online. 

Colorado Whiskey Brands

3 Hundred Days Distilling

3 Hundred Days Distilling was born from a unique story of founder Mike Girard who retired from the Army and switched to creating some of Colorado’s best moonshine. This distilling company reflects the history of moonshine distilling in Colorado with its 1940s style and shared stories of gangsters famously known for making moonshine. To continue their story, 3 Hundred Days Distilling continues to make their moonshine using the traditional ingredients and methods to keep the time-honored traditions of Western America going.

Along with a delicious range of moonshine, this company also offers a selection of tasting and touring experiences. Information on their products and events can be found online at 3 Hundred Days Distilling. 

Woody Creek Distilling

Woody Creek Distilling prides itself on growing and harvesting all of their ingredients to create authentic and wholesome products. Among their most popular products is their 100% rye mash whiskey. This company is committed to ensuring that all of its products are sourced from trusted Colorado farms as they are committed to sustaining a local and rich flavor. Woody Creek Distilling features a premium selection of spirits and they also offer the experience of tours and tasting. Information to purchase their selection of products or to find out more about their events can be found online at Woody Creek Distillers. 

Sip the Best Colorado Whiskey Brands

Colorado whiskey is an exciting spirit that offers something different than other types of liquor. Each of these Colorado whiskey distilleries offer a variety of flavors which means that there is always something new to try. Whether you’re looking for a tour and tasting experience or you want to buy your favorite whiskey online, each of these companies has a variety of options available.