Tea is a beverage that has been consumed for centuries by people from all over the world. It is made from leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which are boiled in water to produce an infusion or tea.

There are many types of tea, each contains unique properties and benefits. Tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, with milk, sweeteners, or even alcohol.

For all the tea lovers in Colorado, you’re in for a treat! This post will share some of our favorite local tea companies for you to get acquainted with.

Find a Tea Company in Colorado

You may not realize it, but there are plenty of entrepreneurial locals producing tea from Colorado. It’s part of a growing trend of craft products coming out of the Rocky Mountain air, including local honey, whiskey, and vodka.

Tea From Colorado

The Tea Spot

Starting our list of tea in Colorado is The Tea Spot. It’s a Colorado-based tea company that is steeped in tradition. This company strives to produce tea that helps to improve your overall wellness. The story of The Tea Spot began with Founder Maria Uspenski’s grandmother who fled war-worn Russia and left with a handful of possessions including a family cast iron water heater used for making tea. 

Located in the mountains of Colorado, The Tea Spot strives to continue its family legend and prides itself on making a difference in people’s lives with tea. The Tea Spot offers a variety of different types of teas and flavors.

Their broad selection includes teas that hold therapeutic benefits, such as:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Oolong 

As well as beautifully scented teas, such as:

  • Blood orange
  • Coconut crush chai

Their selection really is endless!

Find organic loose leaf tea online at The Tea Spot

The Boulder Tea Company

The Boulder Tea Company is a thriving online tea store located in the heart of Boulder Colorado. Recognized for the high-quality tea they offer, The Boulder Tea Company specializes in producing delicately hand-crafted organic tea. They offer a selection of 100 premium loose leaf teas that have come from around the world. Committed to quality and sustainability, this company offers only the best. 

Their variety of teas includes a selection of distinct and exclusive blends as well as a broad range of:

  • Herbal infused tea
  • Therapeutic teas
  • Tea for children
  • Specialty tea
  • Tea for dogs (What? Woof!)

Their wide range of loose leaf tea can be found online at The Boulder Tea Company

Two Leaves And A Bud

Two Leaves and a Bud began with Richard Rosenfeld. On his travels across Asia, he discovered the fine art behind tea plucking and committed to developing relationships with organic tea farmers and learning along the way. Two Leaves and a Bud is a unique and authentic tea company located in the mountain town of Basalt. This company prides itself on simplicity ensuring that the only ingredients to go in their tea bags are the leaves and the bud. All of their products are wholly natural and certified organic and GMO-free. They are also committed to sustainability and ethical working.

A wide selection of their organic wellness teas can be found online at Two Leaves and a Bud. 


Next on the list of tea from Colorado is Teakoe. This is a unique tea company with a brilliantly interesting history. The story of Teakoe starts with a tin of pekoe tea. The journey of this business grew from a love of tea and a realization of the combination between the properties and flavors in tea and its functionality. Founder Pete was always inspired by the prevalence of tea throughout his sporting life. From this, Teakoe emerged and quickly began to thrive.

They now offer a wide selection of unique tea, such as:

  • Freshly brewed iced tea
  • Whole leaf tea
  • Fizzy tea

Their interesting selection of teas can be found online at Teakoe


KuCha celebrated over 15 years of offering fine tea to the locals of Boulder. Ku Cha House of Tea began with hard work and a passion for delivering something unique that would bring people together. KuCha produces a unique selection of teas including everything from assorted canned tea to herbal loose leaf tea. They specialize in delivering tea of a distinct combination of sweet and bitter flavors. 

Their variety of loose leaf and canned teas can be found online at KuCha 

Tea Company Colorado

SilverHawk Tea

SilverHawk Tea is family-owned and run business based in Colorado Springs. This local and committed tea company prides itself on offering premium gourmet tea to its local community. SIlverHawk Tea stands out for their extensive tea selection as they offer over 100 different types of loose teas producing everything from herbal and organic tea to therapeutic tea and kosher teas.

A selection of teas are available online at SilverHawk Tea 

Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings story started way back in 1969 when a small group of entrepreneurs began their journey of harvesting wild herbs collected from rich forests of the Rocky Mountains. Celestial Seasoning continues to practice its original practices of selecting only high-quality herbs and teas that have been grown naturally and sustainably. Celestial Seasonings pride itself on delivering high-quality organic tea from around the globe to their customers.

Their wide selection of teas can be found online at Celestial Seasonings 

Denver Tea Company

The mission of the Denver Tea Company is to provide the highest quality tea and coffee to all its customers. They do this by sourcing the best quality tea and coffee and using them to create delicious beverages. They use only the finest ingredients offering premium loose leaf tea and specialty seasonal blends. 

Their wide selection of tea can be found online at Denver Tea Company

Capital Tea

Capital Tea is a proudly family-owned business located in Denver (with a creative skill for naming, apparently). Situated in the antique district, it is no surprise that Capital Tea’s specialty tea goes down a treat. Since 2006, Capital Tea has been committed to offering a unique and amazing selection of tea from original blends to seasonal tea. They pride themselves on delivering authentic and delicious homemade tea. 

They produce an extensive list of teas, including a selection of:

  • Herbal teas
  • Green teas
  • Black teas
  • …and so much more! 

Their selection of organic loose tea can be found online at Capital Tea 

Tea Colorado Springs


iN-TEA is another thriving family-owned business whose story began in 2008. This local tea company based in Downtown Littleton is renowned for producing a broad selection of unique and distinct beverages. Their selection includes over 170 organic and original tea blends, tea-infused cocktails, and more. The company prides itself in souring on the best and finest artisan, organic, and whole-leaf tea blends from across the globe. 

Committed to sustainability and serving their local community, it is no surprise that iN-TEA is a favorite among tea lovers in Colorado. 

Their selection of premium loose-leaf tea can be found online at iN-TEA

Tea in Colorado!

Do any of these sound like your cup of… well… tea? Whether packing for your camping trip, spending a lazy day in front of the fireplace, or just looking for a pick-me-up at work, there are plenty of types of tea from Colorado that will do the trick.