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Denver is a great city to see some of the biggest touring acts as well as catch exciting local musicians. There are a large number of venues, big and small, that are strewn across the Mile High City. Just about every venue in the city has something to offer, but there are a few that stand head and shoulders above the rest. If you want to witness the best live music that Denver has to offer, then you need to visit one of the five best music venues in Denver. We chose them based on a number of factors that include:

  • Artists Who Play There
  • Ticket Price
  • Ambiance & Atmosphere
  • Online Reviews
  • Location
  • Crowd
  • Amenities

1. Grizzly Rose

The Grizzly Rose is the hottest country music venue in the state of Colorado, and possibly the entire west. Since it was opened in 1989 the biggest names in country music have performed in this Denver institution. From classics like Willie Nelson, to legends like Garth Brooks, and modern stars like Taylor Swift, they’ve all graced the Grizzly Rose’s stage. But the Rose is more than just a music venue, it’s a monument to Western culture in the heart of Denver. At 40,000 square feet, The Grizzly Rose is one of the larger music venues in Denver, and the proprietors have packed the building with fun things to do. There’s a giant dance floor, a grill, pool tables, and a smoking room/smoke shop. There’s even a mechanical bull so brave guests can see how they’d fare as rodeo stars. Even if you’re not a big country music fan it’s still worth showing up to experience a one-of-a-kind party. It’s the place in Denver for Western-themed music, food, drinks, and fun.

Featured Review

For the country lover, this place is great! There is bull riding, pool, dancing and a fun welcoming atmosphere. You will see line dancing in the center, and 2-3 stepping around the outer edge of the floor. People of all dancing levels are welcome. Also there is ample parking in the back and off the street. Come on in and enjoy yourself

Courtney F.

2. Bluebird Theater

The Bluebird Theater is a the place to see the hottest new music in a historical venue. The theater first opened to the public in 1914 as a movie theater. While its purpose has changed over the years the owners have preserved its turn-of-the-century feel. Stepping through the doors is like going through a time machine. The venue offers the best of both worlds, with a classic look and modern sound system. Between the main floor and the Balcony the maximum capacity is 400, which allows for sizable crowds while still keeping things from getting too big. Between the smaller size and the tiered design there isn’t a bad spot in the house. But while you don’t need to show up early for a good spot you do need to show up early if you want to park nearby. Simply put, the Bluebird Theater is the place to get up close and personal with some of the country’s hippest touring acts.

Featured Review

Great atmosphere for an intimate band experience. Security was friendly and bar was surprisingly quick. Recommended venue!

Christopher C.

3. Ogden Theater

The Ogden is another historic site, with a history dating back to 1919. For almost 100 years bands have been coming to perform in the Ogden Theatre, and you can feel that history when you visit. The theatre has made a name for itself due to its excellent selection of acts and the personal experience it offers. It’s 1,600 person capacity puts it in a nice middle ground between some of the city’s smaller and larger venues. It’s big enough to attract top names but small enough that no matter where you are in the Ogden you can still get a good view of the show. Management has also done an excellent job of cultivating a laid-back feeling. The staff is friendly and relaxed, drink prices are highly reasonable, and there are bars spread throughout the venue, so you don’t have to wait too long to get served. Just remember to show up early if you want good parking, the street parking is limited, and even the local paid parking lots fill up quickly when popular acts are performing.

Featured Review

Great old theater with tier standing room only floor for live concerts. Sound system is really decent and the wrap around balcony upstairs offers great views. Decent drink prices, stage setup is solid and the house lighting system is pretty cool. Oozing with old patina, great place to catch a show!

Chris M.

4. Fillmore Theater

If you want to see acts like Coldplay, Ozzy Osbourne, Foo Fighters, James Blunt, and Chance the Rapper in Denver then the Fillmore Auditorium is where you need to be looking. The building has a long and storied history. It opened up in 1907 as a skating rink. It would go on to be a manufacturing plant, a basketball arena, a hockey rink, and a warehouse before it became a music venue in 1968. It’s evolved a lot over the past century, most recently undergoing a massive remodel in 2017. The auditorium one of the is one of the largest venues in Denver. It can hold up to 3,700 attendees at full capacity. It doesn’t offer the intimacy that some of the other venues on our list provide, but it makes up for it by putting on some of the most epic concerts you’ll find in Colorado.

Featured Review

Had one of the best experiences the first time coming here. The venue looks classy and professional. It’s clean and roomy. It’s got a big flat floor for dancing and hanging out as well as a slightly higher floor around the dance floor to relax, hang out, and/or get away from the noise. I definitely would come back and believe this to be one of the best venues in Denver for shows.

Viet N.

5. Gothic Theater

This is another old movie house turned music venue. The building originally opened in 1925, but when it was converted into a music venue in 1998 it was rebuilt from the foundation up. Still, the owners kept the look and feel of the original building while preparing it for the 21st century. The renovated venue was a hit, and quickly attracted top talent. Over the years acts like Phish, The Beastie Boys, and Lady Gaga have taken the stage at The Gothic. As with other updated classic theaters The Gothic has two stories, a floor and a balcony. The balcony is the only place to get seating, but the seats are usually part of a VIP section. So if you come to a concert here you should be prepared to stand throughout. Also, because The Gothic is in Englewood you can buy alcohol at all of their concerts, even at all age shows. Just be sure to follow the rules because the staff is friendly, but proactive when it comes to preventing trouble.

Featured Review

I love this venue. It’s funky decor sets a cool vibe, and it’s small enough that shows feel very intimate.

Sydney S.