Vodka is a spirit made from fermented grain, usually wheat or rye. Vodka is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages due to its versatility and ease of use. It can be used in cocktails, as an ingredient in cooking, and for medicinal purposes. 

Vodka offers a distinct yet subtle flavor which makes it an easy liquor to combine with a variety of flavors. The best vodka is thoughtfully fermented and uniquely crafted. 

This post will share some of our favorite local Colorado vodka brands for you to try out.

Colorado Vodka Brands

Best Colorado Vodka

So what are the best Colorado vodka brands? There’s a lot of competition, but this list is a good place to start.

Switch Vodka 

Switch Vodka is a leading Colorado vodka brand that is widely recognized for its distinct flavors and ultra-light blend. This vodka is unlike any other as it is an incredibly light, clean, and low-calorie liquor that perfectly aligns with the health-conscious Colorado lifestyle.

Switch Vodka produces high-quality vodka that is completely free from:

  • Artificial flavors
  • Sugars
  • Sweeteners

Each of their products consists of a distinct flavor that can be paired with a variety of beverages. Not only is Switch Vodka incredibly low in calories, but it is also gluten-free

What makes Switch Vodka stand out is that it contains additional water which works to decrease the level of alcohol without reducing the flavor and quality.

To learn more, see where to buy, or visit their tasting room, check out the Switch website.

Woody Creek Distillers 

Woody Creek Distillers was founded on a mission of simplicity. This Colorado vodka distillery prides itself on offering only the finest craft spirits. Their spirits are recognized for their unique and distinct flavor and character that embodies the rich taste of their homegrown and harvested ingredients. Among their most popular products is their premium vodka made using Rio Grande potatoes for an exemplary flavor and texture. 

Located in Basalt, this distillery offers tasting sessions as well as a retail store. To found out more about their events and products visit Woody Creek Distillers.

Downslope Distilling 

Colorado-based vodka brand, Downslope Distilling began in 2009 and has since become a leading liquor provider that is recognized for producing complex and unique spirits. This brand prides itself on creating hand-crafted spirits made from raw ingredients. They produce a range of uniquely flavored vodkas such as pepper and sugar cane which make for great show stoppers. 

Downslope Distilling also holds regular distilling classes and workshops for any budding enthusiasts as well as tasting sessions. 

More information on their products and classes can be found at Downslope Distilling. 

Syntax Spirits 

Syntax Spirits is one of the handful of leading distilleries located in Colorado. Since 2010, Syntax Spirits has been providing its local community with premium and authentic craft spirits from grain to glass. Hand-made and completely natural, Syntax Spirits prides itself on creating high-quality spirits such as their award-winning Crystal Vodka made from grain sourced across the United State. Not only are they committed to keeping things local, but they are also committed to sustainability and strive to have minimal impact on the environment. 

Syntax Spirits regularly holds a variety of events. Their product and more information on the events held can be found at Syntax Spirits.

Colorado Vodka Company

KJ Wood Distillers 

KJ Wood Distillers is a thriving vodka brand based in Ouray, Colorado. This local brand began in 2010 and has since taken Colorado by storm producing unique blends of the finest vodka distilled with blue corn. Not only do they produce a selection of great liquors, but the distillery also holds a host of events and tasting sessions for locals to try out their produce. With some of the most elegant and mature spirits in town, KJ Wood Distillers is the place to be. Find more information on their upcoming events at KJ Wood Distillers. 

Leopold Bros 

Leopold Bros is a family-run distillery that was first established in 1999. Their story began after training in the production of lager in Germany. Since then, they have established a thriving Colorado-based liquor brand. Some of their leading products include their Silver Tree vodka which is made using a unique and distinct blend of potatoes, malted barley, and grain. This product is recognized for its full-bodied texture and silky texture. 

Featured in the New York Times, this local Denver-based distillery is setting the standard. Information on their products can be found at Leopold Bros. 

Rising Sun Distillery 

Rising Sun Distillery is a Denver-based business that is recognized for offering high-quality crafted fine liqueurs. They pride themselves on producing exquisite booze as they are proud descendants of bootleggers. Several of their products have won awards including their Organic Vodka which won the silver Denver International Spirit Competition. This product is completely organic and handmade using 100% organic corn and pure Rocky Mountain water. More information on their products and tasting sessions can be found online at Rising Sun Distillery.

Spring 44 Distilling

Located in Loveland, Colorado, Spring 44 Distilling is a unique distillery that is recognized for producing authentic and high-quality spirits such as their honey-flavored vodka. This brand prides itself on offering products infused with the natural taste of Colorado as they are committed to keeping things clean and natural by using Colorado Rocky Mountain artesian pure spring water. Both of their vodka products are completely natural and distilled locally. The products comprise a host of flavors and they are gluten-free and non-GMO. Their large selection of products can be found online at Spring 44 Distilling.

State 38 Distilling 

State 38 Distilling prides itself on delivering agave spirits to the locals of Colorado. This budding distillery was started in 2013 by founder Sean Smiley who was committed to creating a thriving business that paid homage to Colorado and the natural flavors it offers. The distillery now stands to be a leading spirit brand that produces some of the best vodka recognized for its smooth consistency and distinct natural and sweet flavor. Their fantastic range of spirits can be found online at State 38 Distilling.

Vodka Made In Colorado

Spirit Hound Distillers 

Spirit Hound Distillers is a unique distillery run by a group of 4 friends. This company was built on passion and friendship and it strives to represent Colorado’s heritage. Committed to using local and fresh ingredients, Spirit Hound Distillers is recognized for its authentic selection of spirits. Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, it’s no surprise that their products are infused with natural flavors. One of their leading products is corn distilled vodka blended with fresh and pure Rocky Mountain water which works to create a smooth and light finish. Their selection of liquors can be found online at Spirit Hound Distillers. 

Cheers to Colorado’s Local Distilleries

How many of these Colorado vodka brands have you tried out? And the better question: how many are you excited to try out?