Honey is a sweet substance produced by bees from the nectar of flowers. It has been used for thousands of years as food and medicine.

Honey is also an important natural product in the United States, where honey production exceeds that of any other country. 

Some of the best honey from the United States comes from Colorado – the land’s rich soil creating a superior selection of flora for bees to make exceptional honey.

Wait, Raw Honey Colorado?

Sure, a lot of people don’t realize the Centennial State is a producer of honey, but how could such a natural wonder not be? But it’s more than just honey! Craft goods are booming from the plains to the western slope, and you should keep your eye out for everything from tea to whiskey to vodka.

Add to it that one of the most important parts of honey is happy bees, and of course a lot of nature-loving Coloradans will make the effort to give these little creatures a wonderful life. So if you want to really immerse yourself in the natural order of things in the state, try a raw honey Colorado produced product.

Colorado Local Honey

Find a Colorado Honey Company

To give you a glimpse of the sweet nectar on offer in your local area, we’ll share some of the most up-and-coming Colorado local honey companies. Many of these are family-run, and they all support the local ecosystem.

Bjorn’s Colorado Honey 

Bjorn’s Colorado Honey is a small batch, local honey producer based in Boulder, Colorado. This small yet mighty local honey producer is owned by the beekeeper, Pontus. Pontus’ passion for honey derives from his upbringing in Sweden where he grew up watching and learning from his grandfather Bjorn which the company is named after. 

Bjorn’s honey differs from so many others as its honey features a unique twist. They use Swedish techniques to create wholly-American honey. They produce a rich selection of honey from honey infused with organic herbs and spices to CBD honey. One of their most popular products is the Colorado honey with propolis extract. This product is much loved for its unique and natural properties that are said to be beneficial in promoting health benefits as it contains antifungal and antibacterial properties

Besides their selection of honey, Bjorn’s Colorado Honey also offers:

  • Natural honey skincare products
  • Beeswax candles. 

Their products are available online at Bjorn’s Colorado Honey 

Copoco’s Honey

Copoco’s Honey is an award-winning family-run Colorado honey company located in Fort Collins. Copoco’s Honey was born in 2004 and where brothers Ben and John simply wanted to remove bee swarms from buildings and trees. Their attempt to remove their bees led them to recognize their passion and love for bees. They began a journey of educating locals about bees and the role they play in the natural world. Since then, they have created an impression commercial family-run bee operation that strives to provide pollination for the local farmers of Colorado

Besides their role of education and supporting bees and their local community, they now offer unique products in their retail store in Old Town. 

They offer a wide range of products, including: 

  • Local honey
  • Honey-based cosmetics
  • Candy.

Their products are available online at Copoco’s Honey 

Colorado Mountain Honey

Colorado Mountain Honey is owned strives to keep the ancient art of beekeeping alive and in full force to ensure that it continues to thrive. Based in Western Colorado, Colorado Mountain Honey has proudly been raising honey bees for over twenty years. The honey they produce is made using a unique and delicate process that works to capture the essence of Colorado mountain pollen harvested from the White River National Forest

Colorado Mountain Honey produces unique and distinct tasting honey made using pollen from some of the most pristine locations in America. Their online shop features a broad selection of different blends of honey and beeswax

Their products are available online at Colorado Mountain Honey 

Honeyville Colorado

Honeyville is a third-generation family-run company located in stunning Durango. Owned by Danny, Sheree, and Kevin, Honeyville is a unique company that offers specialty honey, honey jam and so much more. They pride themselves on producing distinct, rich, and flavourful honey that has been enjoyed by many since 1918. 

Their online store comprises a diverse selection, including:

  • Varietal wildflower honey
  • Honey sauces
  • Jams
  • Syrups
  • Cosmetics

Their products are available online at Honeyville Colorado 

Colorado Honey Company

Highland Honey

Highland Honey offers a unique raw product of exquisite honey. Compare regular generic honey with Highland Honey and you’ll be able to taste and smell the difference. This local honey company based in Boulder County prides itself on offering locals with raw, unheated, and creamed artisanal honey.

Highland Honey offers a wide range of raw honey of different textures to suit your every need. They specialize in producing honey that really captures the essence of Boulder County.

Their products are available online at Highland Honey 

Lockhart Honey Farms

Lockhart Honey Farm is a family-run Colorado local honey company owned by Laura and Leo Lockhart. Leo has long had a passion for bees as he started beekeeping from a young age. The couple specializes in offering pure Colorado honey that is completely natural, raw, and unfiltered. They produce succulent honey straight from their hives in Colorado bringing their local community only the best they have to offer. 

The primary floral source of the honey they produce is alfalfa which gives their honey a unique and distinct flavor and scent. They offer products of raw honey and honeycomb in several quantities on their online store. 

Their products are available online at Lockhart Honey Farms 

Clark’s of Colorado

Clark’s of Colorado is a proud family-owned company owned by the Sloan family local to Colorado. Their journey of beekeeping humbly began as a passionate hobby in which they learned the benefits provided by honey and the importance of bees. Since then, their hobby blossomed into a full-time business.

Committed to keeping their business local, the Sloan family owns over 2,000 colonies that pollinate some of the most beautiful natural areas of Colorado, especially taking advantage of the unique ecosystem of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. 

They offer their honey along with a range of other products such as beeswax candles on their online store. 

Their products are available online at Clark’s of Colorado

Burley Bees Honey

Burley Bees is a family-run business based in Canon City. Operating since 2013, this local business quickly grew, becoming home to over 50 colonies pollinating the wildflowers of Colorado. 

This company prides itself on producing raw, rich, and natural honey. They specialize in producing not only raw honey but also bee health care and beauty and natural beeswax products

Their products are available online at Burley Bees Honey

Haefeli’s Honey Farms

Haefeli’s Honey Farms offers a fantastic range of honey-based products. This is a family-owned business that has been operating for over 100 years sharing high-quality and rich honey. Located in Del Norte, this local Colorado company prides itself on producing high-quality raw honey and beeswax. They specialize in creating products that make perfect gifts and hamper fillers

Besides their retail store in Del Norte, they also offer curbside pick-up and online deliveries. 

Their products are available at Haefeli’s Honey Farms 

Beeyond the Hive

Beeyond the Hive has long been operating since 1908. This quirky brand prides itself on being one of the oldest Colorado local honey companies. What all began with Walter Leckenby in 1908 is now a thriving business operating about 10,000 hives in Colorado. 

They share their passion for honey by offering their products nationwide.

Their products span a wide range, including: 

  • Raw honey
  • Honey for beauty and skincare
  • Honey-based cosmetics
  • Specialty merchandise

Their products are available at Beyond the Hive

Raw Honey Colorado

Local Hive Honey

Local Hive Honey is a company that prides itself on supporting local American beekeepers. They are committed to producing raw and unfiltered local honey across the USA. They strive to set a new standard of moving away from blended honey that loses its essence and instead only offers the best that local American bees have to offer. 

Their local Local Hive Honey Colorado product is completely raw and unfiltered, infused with the essence of the plains and the Rockies

Their Colorado honey along with other local American honey can be found at Local Hive Honey where they offer a wide selection of unique products.

Support a Local Hive Honey Colorado-Based Company

When it comes to buying honey, there are so many options out there. We’ve shared with you some of the best Colorado honey companies that each has so much to offer. When it comes to looking for the right honey for you, take into consideration what type of honey you prefer. Is it raw or filtered? Does it come from a specific region? Do you like honey with added flavor?