When you think of  Colorado, your mind probably jumps to the great outdoors. Maybe  you imagine zooming down a ski slope, hiking a 14er, or just sipping a craft beer around a campfire.

But Colorado has become a lot more than just an outdoor playground. Much more…

The Centennial State has become something of a cultural and business center, holding a key role within the mountain west. This has attracted artisans of all kinds, and their creative and innovative mindsets are producing amazing products.

So, what are some special products made in Colorado?

What Products are Made in Colorado

It’s fun coming up with a list of what products are made in Colorado, because creative Coloradans come up with solutions for all kinds of things:

  • They improve their outdoor experiences with mountain gear
  • Get healthier with nutritious takes on food of all kinds
  • Get their buzz going with premium alcohol
  • And more!

Maybe it’s the mountain air, but there seems to be no limit to what products are made in Colorado.

What Are Some Special Products Made in Colorado

Food Products Made in Colorado

This guide weighs a little more heavily toward food products in Colorado. That doesn’t mean that the only good things being made are edible (or drinkable), but you’re goign to be pretty happy with these local treats.

Colorado Local Honey

Honey is very famous in Colorado – and it’s great for use in food, as well as medicinal purposes (take that, allergies!). It’s an important and popular natural product in the US, and Colorado is a major producer.

Colorado has rich soil that produces a superior selection of flora for the bees, which is why they make exceptional honey. Colorado’s bees are known as ‘happy bees,’ and most Coloradans ensure that these little creatures are happy and have a wonderful life.

Check out our resource of the best Colorado Local Honey.

Tea from Colorado   

People the world over have consumed tea for centuries, and in Colorado, tea lovers are in for a treat. Colorado produces some of the best tea varieties in the whole US, and they have plenty of entrepreneurial locals who are doing this on a large scale.

Tea is one of the growing trends of products making its way out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Put on a kettle, and visit our tea from Colorado guide.

Snacks Made in Colorado

Day or night. Sober or, well, less than. We all love snacks. The good news is that Colorado snack manufacturers have yoru back! So, whether you’re craving spicy, sweet, or savory snacks, you can find them in Colorado.

Most of the snack-producing companies in  Colorado are committed to producing unique and high-quality products. They need to mix with the active, healthy style that people seeek in the mountain air, but also deliver that joy of life that we all know and love.

Get snacky with these snacks made in Colorado.

Colorado Hot Sauce Companies

What are some special products made in Colorado? Well, this subset of them has an extra kick! The hot sauce business in Colorado continues to grow and it’s no surprise that most companies roaring right now.

Colorado has a rich and fertile soil that provides an ideal environment for growing peppers and chiles that offer a variety of ingredients for hot sauce. The opportunities for blending hot sauce flavors are endless in the state.

Grab a glass of milk to treat the burn, and try out these Colorado hot sauce companies.

Colorado Whiskey Distilleries

Most professionals are saying that ‘whiskey from Colorado is the next big thing!’ The state has long been known for crushing it with craft beer, so why not? It has become the home of some of the best distilleries in the country, even though they’re not all as new as you might think because Colorado has quite the distillery history!

You can venture around the state from tasting room to tasting room, or you can pick up a bottle to try at home or on the trail. Many of these distilleries also make other types of spirits, so you can make your whole cocktail catalogue with spirts distilled from Rocky Mountain water.

Pull up a chair at the best Colorado whiskey distilleries.

Colorado Vodka Brands

Now that you have your wiskey fix, let’s order another round. Vodka is arguably the most popular drink in the world, so it’s no surprise that Colorado produces some of the best.

Whether you’re looking for a perfect ingredient for your favorite cocktail or looking for a healthier alternative after a long day in the high country, there’s an option for you.

Shaken or stirred, pour a glass from the best Colorado vodka brands

Colorado Snowboard Companies

Colorado has some of the most beautiful mountains in the whole US, so it’s therefore no surprise that the state has a wide variety of snowboard manufacturing companies to choose from. Adrenaline junkies the world over know that this sport will get you revved up, and the best gear helps you max it out.

Many of these companies got their start by tinkering in the night and testing the next day. That means they can personally vouch for the quality and reasoning behind the designs, so you’ll feel confident when strapping in.

Pick from these Colorado snowboard companies before your next powder day.

Colorado Salsa Companies

We already talked about hot sauce, but what about it’s delicious and satisfying relative: salsa. There’s really never a wrong adjective to describe how delicious salsa is. If you love tacos, then you have the perfect condiment in Colorado Salsa. This mix of spices, veggies, and other mystery ingredients will leave you guessing.

Colorado is home to some of the best salsas in the US, and the hungry folks have come up with some fresh and amazing combinations.

Grab a bag of chips or some tortillas, and dig into these Colorado salsa companies.

What products are made in Colorado

Colorado Chocolate

It seems physically impossible to have “bad” chocolate. You can never go wrong with this treat, and in Colorado, we do make great chocolate. The good news is that the mountains provide plenty of opportunities to work off the calories, so you can indulge without guilt!

Many companies have a special focus, such as:

  • Cacao content
  • Sustnainability
  • CBD

Pick your perfect variety from the best chocolate in Colorado.

Best Wineries in Colorado

Colorado’s rich and fertile soil is world-renowned, and we experience plenty of sunny days every year. This, coupled with the great climate makes it the perfect place for thriving vineyards. There are more than 130 vineyards in the state and each one of them offers the most unique wines.

Move over California, we’re busy tasting the masterpieces from the best wineries in Colorado.

Things that are made in Colorado

Famous Colorado Brands

Whether trying to spoil yourself or give a gift to someone else, the list of famous Colorado brands includes a lot more than just someone sewing together beanies.

So, what are some special products made in Colorado? Check out everything we feature at Colorado Local Market for the answeer to that question.